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Good job there, hardhat
Team Fortress 2, America's favourite war-themed hat simulator, has been available for the Mac for some time, but its performance has been rather lacking. This isn't really unique to TF2, to be fair - many games perform noticeably worse on Mac OS X than they do on Windows on the same hardware. While it's annoying to have to do so, for the moment to get my fix I've been rebooting into Windows XP through Boot Camp, which means I have to stop what I'm doing, restart, log in, start Steam, and start the game.

However, yesterday the enigmatically-titled Snow Leopard Graphics Update appeared in Software Update, promising fixes specifically for TF2. Low and behold, having applied it on my MacBook Pro and started up a quick TF2 offline practice session, it seems to have done the job! Before the update, playing with bots was an effective slideshow, while now I see stable 40fps+ framerates. Without bots, it should be even quicker, as they add significant CPU overhead and caused a noticeable drop in performance on Windows, too.

And there was much rejoicing.

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