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Double digits
As of today, tfbaxxter and I have been together for ten whole months! During that time, we've spoken online almost every day in some form or other, be it through instant messengers, e-mail, or voice over IP. (I work for a telecom company, which makes this even more economical, but we also use Skype, since it's free and readily available.) We've also met each other in person for the second time (as we met once before becoming boyfriends, with me visiting him in lovely Norway), when he came to stay for a week.

In addition, I hopefully will be able to see him again shortly. For my Grandma's 80th birthday, she's very kindly treated my family to a week-long cruise, which as luck would have it happens to be along the west coast of Norway. While my mate lives closer to Oslo, he's currently trying to see if he can stay with a friend in Stavanger where with any luck we'll get to spend the day together. I'm certainly looking forward to exploring the city with him, basking in his company, and perhaps - just perhaps - introducing him to my family.

We're nearing a year together, and it may seem trite, but I'm happily looking forward to many more years together. I do hope that someday we'll be able to be together in person, able to share our time and look forward to coming home to see each other; to do all sorts of everyday activities knowing that we have all the time in the world to do them. In the mean time, I find myself giddily awaiting each chance to see him in the flesh, knowing that even if it's just for one day, I get to spend that day with the person I love.

Happy anniversary, foxie! I'm thinking of you.