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Cruising Norway
Tomorrow at noon I set off for Southampton, to embark on a week-long cruise of Norway, in honour of my Grandma's 80th birthday. It was a surprise treat, and certainly a very pleasant one - plus it means I get to see tfbaxxter , if only for one day, when we disembark in Stavanger. I thoroughly enjoyed my last visit in August 2009, and while I'm still not particularly good with the language, am sure we'll be fine and will have a good time.

I've felt a tad unwell the past two days - I even took my first-ever sick day from work yesterday to recuperate, feeling thoroughly miserable and sorry for myself. I'm better - or at least, less worse - today, and so hopefully will be well on the road to recovery come tomorrow. The first day, at least, is spent entirely at sea, so if I do have to retire to bed for the duration, at least I won't miss anything crucial. Will have to roam the boat at some point, though, to see what the facilities are like. Never been on a boat bigger than a ferry before.

I shan't be taking my laptop or any other Internet-capable device with me ) I can honestly say I need some time away from huddling over a terminal. As such, I won't have much chance to talk to anyone or reply to e-mail. I may check in once or twice, as the cruise liner (the Oriana, incidentally) does have a cybercafé, but I can't guarantee a prompt response. Regular service will resume shortly.

Till then, I need to make sure I grab my passport and get through today at work with a peaky stomach. 


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