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The new den
Did I tell you I was moving house?

Well, I've moved house. Having been faced with my landlord selling the present property, I wasted far too much time procrastinating and not hunting down a suitable replacement until the last minute. Still, I eventually found a tidy place not terribly far from where I was, and so over the past few weeks have been hefting my belongings between the two. Now I'm fully settled into the new pad, the first of five housemates to move in.

I've no net connection there are the moment, meaning I've taken to going through my DVD backlog. (First up: Blade Runner (the Final Cut). Oh yes.) Hopefully I should have a cable Internet connection set up by the weekend, and normal service will inevitably resume. For now, I'm enjoying being the only one about, and basking in the smell of fresh paint.
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Where are you living now?

Still in the Oldfield Park area - check your LJ messages for the juicy details.

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