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Hullo again, you little charmers. It's been a funny few months, hasn't it? I have rather neglected this little journal, which is a bad habit I really should rid myself of.

So! I've not been up to too much since last I posted, except for changing jobs again - yes, again - finding myself at a certain international publisher of magazines, who I won't name, but who should be fairly easy to track down given the city in which I live. I'm working in web deployment, updating code on the webservers for various tie-in websites, as well as doing some systems administration work and general geekery. (I'm writing slightly less hacky, and slightly more useful, Perl. Zounds.)

In the end I don't think I could have stayed at my previous employer for much longer, even if I hadn't been offered the job I've now changed to. The workload was growing with no signs of any training or help managing it, and I didn't really see myself remaining in that line of work for long - I could do it, but I do hope to become a sysadmin in the long run. I will forever be thankful for being able to have worked there, and as a first job out of university it was perfect, but equally I'm delighted to have started this new job, and am highly enjoying myself.

I'll be going to Confuzzled later this year, which I'm very excited about. My first actual furry convention is mere months away. Hopefully I'll enjoy it - I see few reasons why I'd not - and will make up for lost time with relish. (I've considered myself a fur since 2001, so have sat on the sidelines for quite a while...) More on that, of course, as it nears.

And I keep myself fairly busy of a Wednesday evening playing Magic: the Gathering in a pub. Like you do. I'm not the world's greatest by a long shot, and my deck and strategy are each full of holes, spurting water over the table before eventually sinking entirely. (Wait, what? - Ed) But it's fun, and friendly, and occasionally my Knights bring righteous death to all who oppose them.

And that's about all for now! Stay tuned to this frequency, but turn your radio off now to save batteries.