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A parting of the ways
Last week, tfbaxxter and I had a heart-to-heart, and sadly, I decided we should part ways, and cease to be 'an item'. It wasn't an easy or a pleasant choice to make, and I've felt quite low this week having to live with this choice, knowing the hurt it's caused - both for myself and for him.

I do hope he can be happy, and that he'll forgive me for what I've done; and I know I'll always treasure the time we spent together, on and offline. I won't regret a moment of it. He's a very sweet, kind, generous and cute foxie, and I know that he'll make someone else as happy as I've been. If we were able to be together in person, I'm sure I'd drop everything to say yes. 

Fortunately, he wants us to stay friends if we can, which equally I'd love to. We'd known each other for at least two years before becoming boyfriends, and I'd grown fond of him long before we ever met in person, so losing him as a friend would have been too much to bear. I hope we can continue to talk and to enjoy each other's company, and know I'll always be happy to yap, no matter what. 

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*hugs* My sympathies; breakups always suck. Let me know if there's anything I can do?

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