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Flying visit
Hullo blog! A few things to fill you in on how this fox has been keeping:
  • I've been with my current employer for six (count 'em) months, and am still thoroughly enjoying the job. This week, I have mostly been learning Ruby (surprisingly pleasant language - very OO) and putting together SSL servers in Apache.
  • In May I attended Confuzzled 2011 in the surprisingly warm city of Manchester. It was wonderful - my first-ever furry convention and an absolute joy to attend. I spent far too much money in the Dealer's Den, have some great art to show for it, got to meet plenty of nice furs and hang out with old acquaintances. And some of the suits...
  • My Vampires deck for the cash sink that is Magic: the Gathering has been performing quite well at my local Wednesday Night Magic. Now I'm trying to build a dragon-centric EDH deck, because I am quite, quite mad. (Though my choice of commander, Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund, is beastly enough to warrant it.)
  • I have a new home! I shall be moving into a nice little semi-detached house come the end of the month. This one is on a rolling lease, so with any luck, I shan't need to move again until I choose to. It'll be nice to have some permanence in that department.
  • I have a strange yet burning desire to buy an Xbox 360. Haven't the faintest clue why.