Radio Free Vulpine

24 November 1986
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I know I believe in nothing but it is my nothing.

Hello! I am Lawrie, a 23-year-old furry living in the United Kingdom. I'm an obsessive video gamer and general tinkerer-with-technology, and an avid (if amateur) audiophile who loves few things more than popping a record on and unwinding. I won't pigeonhole myself, but 80's British indie appears worryingly often in my playlists. Games-wise, the 16-bit era would be my preferred vintage; the Sega Mega Drive was superior to the SNES, and I'll not hear otherwise.

I hold a BSc with first-class honours in Computer Science, and regret not going any further with it. C'est la.

I work for a certain well-known magazine publisher as a sysadmin, which seems to involve copying lots of data from one server to another and seeing if any of it sticks. Occasionally I write code.

This journal may lack style, I know...